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7 Ways to Stay Fit

The key to success is to find something you really enjoy. Otherwise it is difficult to stick at it.Try to exercise three to five times a week for 30 to 60 minutes. You will get a better all round workout the more different activities you do.

1. Join a Gym / Fitness Centre

If you like variety, this is for you. There is a wide range of machines and fitness aids with instructors ready to explain their use. Classes for body toning, aerobics and so on, can add a social dimension to your regime.

Tip: We'd all like the slim, toned bodies of regular gym goers, but sometimes we can't all afford gym membership fees. However, there are lots of low cost ways to exercise and some of them are even free.

2. Visit a Fitness Instructor

Do you have clear fitness goals? Or you need some help staying motivated? A fitness instructor or trainer may be the answer. A qualified instructor can assess your current level of fitness and help with a suitable programme to your needs and aspirations.

3. Exercise in Water

Water offers a resistance, so that water-based exercise builds muscle strength and endurance while aiding stamina and suppleness. It reduces impact on the joints. For this reason, exercises performed in water are particularly suitable for overWeight people and those with joint or back problems.

4. Start a Walking Club

Involve your neighbours, friends, family. Organise walks along different routes of interest. Research the wildlife or history of the area to be walked and benefit from the social opportunities of the group.

5. Take up an Outdoor Sport

You can learn the basics of an outdoor sport at any age or you could take up an activity you enjoyed in your youth. Choose from cross-country skiing, sailing, rock climbing, windsurfing, horse riding - whatever your area offers!

6. Dance the Night Away!

Shimmy your way on to the dance floor and build all-round fitness in a social setting. Some dance forms are easier to learn than others and if you don't have a partner, line dancing and disco dancing are ideal.


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