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Why People Smoke?

Parents smoke - young people of parents who smoke are twice as likely to become smokers themselves.

Brother or sister smokes.

Best friends smokes - friends can be very influential and sometimes people are more likely to smoke if their friends smoke. Young people are found to be heavily influenced by the actions and beliefs of their friends. A teenager can feel under pressure from peers to look 'cool' and grown-up.

Seen as an 'adult' thing to do - smoking can be associated with a sign of maturity.

Image - some people think smoking makes them look cool, trendy, fashionable, confident.

Curiosity - this mostly refers to smokers who started experimenting at a young age to see what it is like to smoke.

Role models, TV/film/magazines/media - smoking by teachers, popstars, sporting stars and other people that are admired by others can influence people to smoke.

Addiction - nicotine addiction is probably the main reason why people find very difficult to Quit Smoking.

Habit - smoking can be part of an everyday routine, for example, having a cigarette after a meal. Lighting up can be an unconscious act, like switching on the TV. Smoking often is associated with other activities such as drinking tea or alcohol, having a break from the children or using the telephone.

Emotional dependency - people often use cigarettes to cope with difficult situations, to relieve stress and boredom. Other negative feelings such as anger and resentment can provide another reason for having a cigarette to relieve these negative emotions.

Belief - everyone knows smoking is dangerous and believe, wrongly, that it is too late to stop because the damage is already done. Benefits of stopping smoking.

Feel indestructible - some people don't feel the risks of smoking will affect their health, particularly young people.

Low self-esteem - an individual with lower self-esteem is more susceptible to peer pressure than someone with higher self-esteem who feels confident enough to stand their ground.

Weight control - many young females start to smoke as a way of controlling or reducing their Weight. Others won't give up because of the fear of gaining Weight. For some people is this is true, although the Weight gain is only a few pounds and usually temporary. There are several reasons why people put on Weight. Smoking causes the body to waste some of the energy found in food. When you give up smoking the body returns to its normal state and so needs less energy from food. Some smokers find that they eat more or get cravings for sweet food.
Some tips to keep the Weight gain as small as possible:
- If you continue to eat as you did before you Quit Smoking, the Weight gain should be miminal.
- Don't let yourself to eat more sweets to compensate for not smoking.
- If you feel the need to snack try eating fruit, low fat yogurt, raw vegetables.
- Stick to a fairly healthy diet.
- Exercise regularly.

Advertising - smoking is promoted as something grown up, attractive and sexy. Evidence also shows that young people choose to smoke the most advertised cigarette brands.

Smoking still allowed in many public places - showing that smoking is OK, and is a 'norm' in society.

Disadvantage - people from a more disadvantaged background are more likely to smoke, as deprivation is directly linked to smoking levels.


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