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The Myths about Smoking

Smoking helps reduce stress
Many people will smoke a cigarette in order to relieve stress. Smoking doesn't reduce stress. Stress is experienced when nicotine levels in the body drop, and as a result the body starts craving for more. This normally occurs in between cigarettes. The lack of nicotine causes stress, as there is a need for another cigarette to top up the nicotine levels in the body. Smoking won't relieve any stress in an individual's life, instead it may add to their anxiety.

It's easy to Quit Smoking
There are many reasons why individuals choose to smoking, and even though many know the effects smoking can have on an individual's health this doesn't discourage them or make it any easier for them to stop. When tobacco smoke is inhaled, nicotine hits the brain in a matter of seconds, and therefore the effects are immediate. As nicotine is as addictive as heroin, it can often take a number of attempts to quit before an individual is successful. Relapse is very common and should be acknowledged as an important step towards the individual's goal. Smoking is addictive, trying to give up is tough, but with the willpower and determination it is possible.

I enjoy smoking
Some smokers say that they enjoy smoking, the taste and the feel of holding the cigarette. Smoking is known to become such a significant part of an individual's lifestyle that they continue to smoke, not because they enjoy it, but because they feel miserable if they don't. Two out of three smokers say they would like to quit.

Smoking is cool
Young people start smoking as they are under the impression that it makes them look cool and more mature, and because their friends may smoke. In fact it does the opposite, it causes premature ageing by drying out the skin and producing wrinkles. Which individual want wrinkles, smelly clothes, smelly hair and breath, and yellow-stained teeth. Would an individual still feel cool in a few years when they have more wrinkles than all their friends and a hacking cough to go with it?

My smoking doesn't affect anyone else
It's a free country - if a person wants to smoke what right does anyone else have to stop them? This is a valid point, and if an individual wants to smoke it is up to them. However, smokers are effecting other people's health by influencing other people to passive smoke or breathe in other people's environmental tobacco smoke. Passive smoking can also cause lung cancer and other smoking-related diseases. Individuals have every right to smoke, but they have no right to make other individuals breathe in their smoke too.

Only old people suffer from smoking related diseases
It is true that most of the diseases suffered by smokers occur after the age of 50 and these smoking-related illnesses can be long term, miserable, debilitating and fatal. On the other hand, many individuals suffer from illnesses before this age and these include gangrene, ulcers and respiratory diseases. The problem is, the earlier an individual starts smoking, the more likely they are to suffer from a smoking-related disease when they get older. Is it worth the risk?

I will gain Weight if I Quit Smoking
Many young girls and women believe that they will put on Weight if they stop smoking. Some people may put on some Weight but about one in four actually loose Weight. Many individuals who do put on Weight when they Quit Smoking put on less than 2.2kg (5lbs) and many lose it within 2 years. People find that when they give up smoking their sense of taste improves considerably and therefore their appetite may increase. Taking up some type of exercise may be an interesting alternative to smoking, and it is healthy as well! (Source:


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