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12 Ways to Manage Your Weight

1.Cook the low fat way (choose lean meat, more poultry and fish etc.)

2. Plan your shopping. Write out a shopping list choosing healthy items. Don't go  shopping being hungry.

3. Make healthy swaps in food (cottage cheese or yoghurt instead of butter etc.)

4. Drink cold water

5. Give yourself a treat (but instead of chocolate, spoil youself with a bunch of flowers, a new CD or a night at the cinema)

6. Make a fuss of yourself (developing a positive self-image will help you keep to a healthy diet)

7. Discover new foods (there is a lot of exciting dishes to try including exotic fruit and vegetables and cook with meat alternatives)

8. Dine out wisely (choose poultry, fish, vegetable-based meals, avoid dishes with cream or cheese, drink plenty of water etc.)

9. Keep yourself busy

10. Keep active (try different Physical Activities )

11. Spice up your meals (add flavour to your meals with peppers, chillies, mustard and other spices - spicy foods raise your temperature, increasing your metabolism by as much as 25% for several hours after eating them)

12. Have healthy snacks on hand (have some dried or fresh fruit, also vegetables and breadsticks with you)

Healthy Eating Tips


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