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Healthy Lifestyle Tips

Healthy Eating Tips

  • Good things come in small packages. Chop high-calorie foods like cheese and chocolate into smaller pieces. It will seem you're getting more than you actually are.
  • Don't give up dips, but aim to use low-fat sour cream and mayo instead of the full-fat stuff.
  • Drink more water. Make a habit of reaching for a glass of water instead of a high-fat snack. It will help your overall health as well as your waistline. Add some zest to your six-eight glasses a day with a twist of lemon or lime.
  • Slim down your soup. Make a big batch of soup and refrigerate it before you eat it.When it cools, the fat will rise to the top and can be skimmed off the surface.
  • Herb it up. Spices and herbs add fantastic flavour to foods without adding fat or calories. Why not to start growing a small herb garden in your kitchen window?
  • Practice portion control. Put some food away before you start your meal. Ask the waiter at a restaurant to put half of your main course (which is usually a large portion) in a take away box before bringing it to your table.
  • Listen to your cravings. If you're craving something sweet, eat something sweet – opting for a healthier nosh, like fruit, instead of a high-calorie one. The same goes for crunchy cravings – for example, try air-popped popcorn with soy sauce instead of high-fat crisps.
  • If you're new to eating lots of fruits and vegetables, start slowly. Add them to the foods you already enjoy. Pile veggies on top of your sandwiches, or add fruit to your cereal.
  • Look for high-fat hints. To identify high-calorie meals keep an eye out for these words: au gratin, parmigiana, tempura, alfredo, creamy and carbonara, and enjoy them in moderation.
  • How about tasting something new? Broaden your food repertoire – you may find you like more healthy foods than you knew. Try a new fruit or vegetable (ever had plantain, pok choi, starfruit or papaya?).
  • Leave something on your plate at every meal. Half your sandwich, the bun from your burger - see if you still feel satisfied eating just a bit less.
  • Get to know your portion sizes. It's easy to underestimate how much you're eating. Ask how much is in a serving, read the fine print on labels, measure your food. And learn portion equivalents: One serving of pasta, for instance, should be around the size of a tennis ball.
  • Don't multitask while you eat. If you're working, reading or watching TV while you eat, you won't be paying attention to what's going into your mouth. Every time you have a meal, sit down. Chew slowly and pay attention to flavours and textures. You'll enjoy your food more and eat less.
  • Make a healthy substitution that works for you. For example, use skimmed milk instead of full fat milk, try a wholewheat bread instead of white.
  • Take lunch to work. Packing lunch will help you control your portion sizes. And it is much cheaper!
  • Have some dessert. You don't have to deny yourself all the time. Have a treat that brings you pleasure, but be sure you're practicing portion control, and compensate for your indulgence by exercising a little more.
  • Ask for what you need. Ask your friends to stop bringing you chocolates. Speak up for the place with great salads when your co-workers are picking a restaurant for lunch. Whatever you need to do to succeed at Weight loss, ask for it – make yourself a priority and assert yourself.

Lifestyle Tips

  • Try to brush your teeth after every meal and snack. This will be a signal to your mouth (and your mind) that it's time to stop eating. Brushing will also give your mouth a nice fresh taste that you'll be disinclined to ruin with a random crisp.
  • Clean your cupboard! First, it's great exercise. Second, it's an important step in changing your attitude. Get rid of all the clothes that make you look or feel bad. Throw out anything that's too big – don't give yourself the option of ever fitting into those clothes again. Move the smaller clothes up to the front  - it will motivate you. Soon, you'll be fitting into those too-tight jeans you couldn't bear to part with.
  • Take your measurements. You might not like your stats now, but you'll be glad you wrote them down when you compare them later on. It's also another way to measure your success, instead of just looking at the scale. Sometimes the numbers on the scale aren't going down, the measurements on your body are.

Fitness Tips

  • Make the most of your walks. If your walking routine has become too easy, increase your effort by finding hills. Just be sure to tackle them at the beginning of your walk, when you have energy to spare.
  • Shop 'til you drop … pounds! Park your car as far from the shop as possible to get more walking in. And try walking up the escalator – getting to your destination faster will be an added bonus.
  • Walk an extra 100 steps at work. Adding even a little extra exercise to your daily routine can boost your Weight loss. Take the stairs instead of the lift, or stroll down the hall to talk to a co-worker instead of sending an email or calling.


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